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Venting Sesh101: Im Tired

My life is tired. Im tired. Im tired of being patient and waiting for everything. Im tired of hearing “it gets better” or “they’ll get theirs”. Newsflash: it doesnt get better. Ive been waiting almost 17 years..i know i havent even hit my adulthood years yet but right now all i can tell you is ive been patient for the last seventeen years and its been the same. I dont understand people and their ways. My life has gottin to the point where im officially bored..bored with my life. I dont care about anything anymore. Things i used to have OCD and obsess over mean absolutly nothing to me. Now i could give two shits about what someone thinks of me. I dont “dress up” anymore, for anything. Ill wear a sweatshirt wherever i go, even sometimes dressing like a homeless person would. I just cant shake the feeling that i know what i need to do. I know what needs to be done to rid the hedaches and uneasiness. What i need is a change, as simple as that but hard to obtain. Im “just a kid” as my parents say all the time. So i guess im left with only one choice..grin and bear it.

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